Global Emerging Leaders Programme 2021

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Programme Overview

In our evolving and complex world, the growing demands placed on organisations and  businesses call out for a new kind of leadership. Our modern leaders need to be equipped to operate in uncertain environments where  change is constant. They need to be open to the unlimited potential within a diverse  workforce and a multi-stakeholder eco-system.  

The Emerging Leaders programme is designed to replace old-fashioned command and  control management with another way; a leadership coaching style that allows space for the  workforce to truly show-up, and which creates a thriving and purposeful company culture.  As course leaders, we have launched, grown, and supported successful companies. Through  our own coaching and learning journeys we have discovered that the qualities and skills of a good coach are likely to have the greatest positive impact on the success and wellbeing of the individual – as well as the success of the people around them. 

The programme is designed for ambitious leaders seeking to maximise the positive impact  of their role. It also has sustained value for self-aware executives and emerging talent.  

The six-week Emerging Leaders Programme

How it evolves

Phase 1

A stage of self-discovery. We focus on the question ‘Who Am I?’ The quest for  authenticity, self-mastery and purpose is a fundamental human aspiration, but in the  context of our leadership development program, we focus primarily on drawing awareness  to our participants’ archetypal behaviours and performance blind spots that can sabotage  the future leader’s wholeness and potential.  

A two-week period of consolidation and reflection follows which includes 1-2-1 executive  coaching, small group discussion, a reading list and journaling.

Phase 2

Focussing on the interpersonal in the workplace, and teaches coaching methodology,  competencies, and skills as a leadership style. Throughout the program, participants are  introduced to abstract concepts such as holding the space, self-management, and presence,  and are then given the opportunity to practise these skills in small groups. 

The teaching of coaching as a rewarding way to lead, experiencing a new space for being in  conversation, reflecting on this behaviour and then experimenting further, all informs the  experiential learning and discovery which is at the heart of this programme.  

The programme’s journey represents an ever-expanding ripple effect where self-knowledge  and self-leadership enable participants to grow their impact and influence in their workplace.  

In advance of PART 3, the learning journey deepens, and following two-weeks of reading, 1- 2-1 executive coaching, peer-coaching and reflective writing, we reconvene for the final  workshop.

Phase 3

Teaches the history and evolution of organisational structures and invites the  participants to reflect on the system in which they currently operate. Here they actively  engage in a series of exercises around letting go of invulnerability, discovering new levels of  trust, having difficult and courageous conversations, co-creating goals, and building a  culture of accountability. Participants then use their newly discovered leadership potential  to facilitate the growth of the team, to harvest collective wisdom and to create a more  effective and powerful system.

By the end of the programme, participants will be more self-confident and present  themselves authentically and with integrity. They will have taken important steps to equip  themselves with the natural skills that will help them thrive as leaders in an uncertain and  emerging future. 

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